How long does a Safety Certificate or Certificate of Inspection last for?


For a private sale:

2 months or 2000kms whichever one comes first



3 months or 1000kms whichever one comes first



My car is not registered. Can you still do the inspection?


Queensland Transport allows you to have an inspection completed on an unregistered vehicle by an Approved Examiner onsite. 

You MUST have the following organised before the inspection takes place.


1.     A copy of your Compulsory Third Party Insurance Certificate

2.     Your signed copy of a Department of Transport’s New Registration Application Form.


This allows us to legally test drive the vehicle on site. 


When do I need a Safety Certificate?


  •        Selling or transferring a vehicle that is registered in Queensland

  •        New registration for a vehicle that is unregistered

  •        Transferring a vehicle from another state to Queensland


I want to sell my car but when do I need to get the Safety Certificate?


Queensland Transport and Main Roads require that you have a Safety Certificate Inspection and have a passed Safety Certificate BEFORE you advertise the vehicle for sale.


To advertise a registered vehicle without valid Safety Certificate is illegal and the police and Queensland Transport can issue you with a hefty fine.


Advertising includes writing “Want this” on the vehicle as well as advertising the vehicle for sale on the internet.


Can I sell my vehicle without a Safety Certificate?


Yes you can as long as the vehicle has the registration cancelled and the number plates removed. This is the only way that you can sell a vehicle without a Safety Certificate.



What is the difference between a Safety Certificate and a Pre-Purchase Inspection?


Queensland Transport and Main Roads have it one their website not to rely on just a Safety Certificate when buying a vehicle. This is a basic check that the vehicle is roadworthy. This does not mean that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle mechanically and that the vehicle is mechanically sound.


They recommend a Pre-Purchase Inspection to be carried out on the vehicle to know exactly what you are buying. 


For example:

An oil leak that is dripping onto the road surface or onto the exhaust of the vehicle would not pass a Safety Certificate Inspection.

However a vehicle that has oil present showing that there is an oil leak but is not dripping as above, then it would pass a Safety Certificate Inspection.


As we know oil leaks do not get smaller as time goes on, they only get worse. A Pre-Purchase Inspection will have a mechanic/examiner tell you not only that there is an oil leak but potentially how bad it is and where it is coming from.