Heavy Trailers- Safety Certificate

According to Queensland Transport and Main Roads a Heavy Trailer is a Trailer that has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of over 3.5tonne.


Queensland Transport and Main Roads accredits Approved Inspection Stations to carry out Certificate of Inspections on Heavy Trailers that range between 3.5tonne and 10tonne.


All Queensland registered heavy trailers over 10tonne must have an inspection completed at Queensland Transport and Main Roads by one of their inspectors.


Any Heavy Trailer above 10tonne that is either unregistered or registered in another state may have an Approved Examiner complete the inspection.


There are two options available for completing the inspection. You can tow the trailer into an Approved Inspection Station or have an Approved Mobile Unit come to you.



All new registrations to Queensland – this includes unregistered vehicles and vehicles transferring from interstate must have a HVRAS as well as a Certificate of Inspection.


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