All registered vehicles under 4.5 Tonne are classified as a light vehicle and require a Safety Certificate in the state of Queensland when:


  • Selling a vehicleTransferring from interstate

  • Registering a new vehicle


A Safety Certificate is a Basic Safety Check to see if the vehicle meets the minimum safety standards set by the Queensland Transport Department and Main Roads Code of Practice.


>Valid for 2 months or 2000kms whichever one comes first for a Private Seller

>Valid for 3 months or 1000kms whichever one comes first for a dealer.


When selling a vehicle you must have a completed Safety Certificate before you advertise the vehicle for sale. The Queensland Police or Queensland Transport Department can issue a $550 fine if the vehicle does not have the Certificate displayed. This is applicable regardless if you have the vehicle advertised on the Internet or have “For Sale” written on the vehicle.


A Roadworthy Certificate and a Safety Certificate is the same thing.


The Queensland Department of Transport changed the name in 1999 from a Roadworthy Certificate to a Safety Certificate.


When a Safety Certificate is issued there are 3 copies of the Certificate plus a cardboard piece.


  • Light Blue Cardboard – To be displayed in the window of the vehicle that is advertised for sale.

  • Blue Copy – Goes to the new owner - To be filed with the Transport Department with the other Transport documents

  • Yellow Copy – Also goes to the new owner for their records Green Copy – Sellers copy to keep for their records


As a seller, it is vital to keep the green copy to prove that the vehicle was sold with a Safety Certificate.


The new owner has 14 days to transfer the vehicle into their name. If they don’t you will receive any speeding fines, red light camera fines and tolls that are incurred while the vehicle is still in your name. Although these can be disputed with Stat Declarations, it is paperwork you would rather do without.


Showing the green copy of the Certificate along with your Seller’s Copy of The Vehicle Transfer Application form from the Transport Department you can move the vehicle from your name after 14 days.



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