Certificate of Inspections Gold Coast


Queensland registered heavy vehicles are required to submit a COI (Certificate of Inspection) every 12 months as part of the registration of the vehicle.


Queensland Transport defines a heavy vehicle as a vehicle with a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) over 4.5tonne. 


Approved Inspection Stations and Approved Mobile Inspection Units are accredited by Queensland Transport to perform Certificate of Inspections on site. 

This saves the heavy vehicle owner navigating their way to Queensland Transport especially when their delivery schedules are tight. Mobile Inspection Units take the hassle out of the annual requirement by coming to you.


Heavy vehicles that are registered up to 16t GVM are able to have Certificate of Inspections done on site by Approved Examiners. 


Heavy vehicles that are unregistered or registered in another state that are over 16t can also utilise this service option.


Any vehicle that is currently registered and is over 16t must have an inspection completed by Queensland Transport.


Registered vehicles that have more than 11 seats or are used to transport children (eg: School mini buses) must have Certificate of Inspections completed by Queensland Transport Inspectors.

Certificate of Inspection (coi)

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