HVRAS, Gold Coast


HVRAS stands for Heavy Vehicle Registration and Assessment Scheme aka a measure up.


A HVRAS is required for all trailers over 750kgs GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) that are applying for a new registration in Queensland.


When do I need a HVRAS for a trailer?


Trailers that are over 750kgs GVM (this can be found on the compliance plate of the trailer usually located at the front of the drawbar) that are registered in another state but are transferring to Queensland are still treated the same as a new registration and require a HVRAS.


Do I need a HVRAS if I am selling my Queensland Registered trailer?


No you do not. 

If the trailer is under 750kgs you will only require a self-assessment form to sell the trailer.

In the circumstance where the trailer is over 750kgs and you are transferring the owner’s name of the trailer then only a Queensland Safety Certificate is required.


How do I get a HVRAS?


Accredited persons are located at some customer service centres for Queensland Transport but they do require for you to book a time and take the vehicle to their location to have it measured.


There is a mobile service that is provided by our company that it takes the hassle out of the whole process. There is no need to hook up trailers or caravans and battle the traffic and parking for a visit to Queensland Transport when there is a service provided that we come to you.


This also saves the hassle of organising permits and insurances for vehicles to travel into the Queensland Transport Department Customer Service Centres.


You then take your paperwork into Queensland Transport and the vehicle can remain at home. The plates are issued by Queensland Transport and can be affixed on your return.



HVRAS Measure up Gold Coast

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