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Vehicle manufacturers complete a long process when designing a vehicle to meet standards set in the automotive industry for each country they are imported to and are manufactured in.


These design rules are there to make sure that the vehicle passes tests that are a minimum safety standard to ensure the highest level of safety for all occupants travelling in the vehicles and other road users.


When buying a vehicle there may be alterations or modifications that you would like to make that make the vehicle better to suit your needs or you would like to make your own stamp on the vehicle to set it aside from other vehicles of the same make and model.


Some of these modifications are legal to complete without any inspections required where others require what is called a Modification Plate.


A modification plate is a blue plate that is typically attached to a vehicle in a similar location as the compliance plate. These are typically found in the engine bay of the vehicle but can be found elsewhere on the vehicle.


A modification plate is a plate that states the change that has been done and that it has been checked by a qualified and accredited examiner that it meets the requirements set by Queensland Transport.


A common change is the number of seats that are fitted to a vehicle. If you add or remove seats in a vehicle you must have a modification plate to do so.


If you have a 7-seater car and decide to take out the back 2 seats for additional storage, to pass a Safety Certificate Inspection there would need to be a modification plate for the vehicle to be downgraded to a 5 seater or the 2 seats would need to be refitted to the vehicle.





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