Mobile Roadworthy Certificates Gold Coast

Take the hassle out of selling your car, trailer, motorbike or truck. Have a Mobile Roadworthy Certificate vehicle come and visit you.


Benefits of having a Mobile Roadworthy Certificate Inspection


No registration, no worries.


Young children can play at home while the inspection takes place.


Can’t take time off work, have the inspection done in the car-park while you are still working It saves you time and allows you to keep getting on with your day.


The categories that the Examiner is inspecting the vehicle are:


  • Identification

  • Modifications

  • Seats and Restraints

  • Lights and Electrical Components

  • Windscreen and Windows

  • Body and Chassis

  • Steering and Suspension

  • Wheels and Tyres

  • Brake Components

  • Engine and drivelines

  • Exhaust Emissions

  • Road Test

  • Service Brake

  • Hand Brake


Test Safety Certificate Defects – Do-It-Yourself solutions.


Holes or tears in the seat/upholstery – A seat cover over these will not be a sufficient fix to the defect. The seat will need to be sewn/patched or replaced to pass the second inspection.


Windscreen washers are not spraying water onto the windscreen.Tip: There may be a blockage of dirt in the washer jet. Stick a pin into the start of the jet to clear the blockage. If this doesn’t work, have a mechanic look at it for you.


Dull headlight lens.

The great news is that you don’t have to have them replaced. There are a lot of products on the market that allow you to restore them. For the best result, take the vehicle to a workshop.


Seatbelts not retracting on their own.

The oils from your skin and perfume/cologne from your clothes can build up on your seat belt. This can contribute to the seat belt not contracting on its own. Clean the seat belt with Windex first. If this doesn’t fix the problem you will need to take your vehicle to a mechanic or have the seat belt replaced.

Note: Frayed seatbelts must be replaced. It is common to see the frayed edges burnt with a lighter; this does not account for a suitable solution and will not pass a Safety Inspection. 


Disclamier: All repairs must meet the minimun safety standards and be approved by the re- inspecting examiner.This is to be only used as a guide. 

Mobile roadworthy Gold Coast

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