Truck Inspections

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Trucks are vital to the economy of Australia and to keep everyone safe on the roads, Queensland Transport and Main Roads require that Trucks otherwise referred to, as Heavy Vehicles must have a yearly Certificate of Inspection to make certain that the vehicle is roadworthy.


Approved Examiners can inspect Heavy Vehicles that are registered in Queensland and are over GVM 4.5tonne up to GVM 16tonne.

They can also inspect vehicles that are unregistered heavy vehicles and heavy vehicles that are registered in another state regardless of their Gross Vehicle Mass. 


A Certificate of Inspection is a check of all safety items required for the vehicle to operate correctly.


These include:

  • Identification

  • Modifications

  • Lights

  • Brakes

  • Suspension

  • Steering 

       And more…


The inspection is to ensure that the vehicle has the minimum safety requirement set by the Queensland Transport and Main Roads.


Our experienced heavy vehicle mechanics/examiners specialise in Heavy Vehicles and they are mobile so they can come to you.


There is no need to drive unnecessarily through tight streets and traffic. We understand that your time is valuable and time off the road is costly.





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