Mopeds, scooters, tricycles and motorcycles that are registered require a Safety Certificate before selling or transferring.


The bike is required to pass the Basic Safety Inspection that includes:


  • Wheels & Tyres

  • Brakes Lights & Electrical Components

  • Identification

  • Modifications

  • Seating

  • Body & Chassis

  • Chain guards

  • Engine & Drivelines

  • Exhaust Emissions

  • Road Test


The motorbike needs to meet the minimum for each section of the Certificate to pass. If there are any defects on the vehicle, The Department of Transport and Main Roads allow 14 days to have the defects rectified. In the instance that the repairs are not carried out in the allotted time period then the Certificate is cancelled and the process will have to go back to the beginning again.

 Safety Certificate - Motorcycles



bike safety certificate

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