Boat trailers, Horse Floats, Caravans and Camper trailers all fall into the Trailer Safety Certificate Category. Trailers over 0.75 ATM (Aggregated Trailer Mass) require a Safety Certificate for all new registrations. If the trailer is registered when transferring ownership or interstate, the Safety Certificate is also required.


NOTE: Any trailers under .75 ATM do not require a Safety Certificate for registration or for the transferring of registration.


The Aggregated Trailer Mass is the capacity of the fully loaded trailer directed by the manufacturer.


The areas covered on a Trailer Safety Certificate include Identification


  • Modifications

  • Lights & Electrical Components

  • Body & Chassis

  • Suspension

  • Wheels & Tyres

  • Brakes

  • Tow Couplings

 Safety Certificate- Trailers


tralier and caravan safety certificate

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